How much time should I spend working on homework each night?

Answer:  According to the handbook, a fifth grade student should have 75 minutes of homework/studying and sixth graders should have 90 minutes of homework/studying. Most nights will not come close to this amount of time. Some nights will require this amount, and maybe more. Keep track of your schedule and don’t put assignments off until the last minute.


Do I have time in class to work on homework?

Answer: Yes you do! Matter of fact, your teacher will give enough time to work regular weekly assignments so that you may not even have to do it at home. It’s all up to you and how hard you work in class.


Can I buy anything from the snack bar or the office?

Answer: The only thing you can buy from the snack bar is a drink, and you cannot buy anything from the office with cash.


Can I leave the classroom at 3:10pm when class is over?

Answer: No, not for the first semester. Your teacher will determine whether or not you can be set free to leave in the second semester by your maturity in the first semester.


What do I get for doing the right thing?

Answer: Points. You get points.


What do I get for doing the wrong thing?

Answer: Unpoints. You get points taken away.


What can I do with my points?

Answer: You can shop in the Eagle store here on the site, buy privileges, or sometimes they can be used in special occasions in class. Your teacher would strongly recommend never to spend all of your points at one time.


What happens if I run out of points?

Answer: Not good things. At first, you will lose every recess until you pull yourself out of the negatives. No, you do not get points for putting your head down at recess. If you are in the negatives, and you know you will have to lose recess, you should do whatever you can do to earn points during class. That is your responsibility. Not your teacher’s.


How can I earn points?

Answer: You can earn points by doing the right thing in class (you know what that is), doing your job weekly, using the restroom when you are given time to do so, or somehow convincing your friend to trade you some of their points for that old pencil you never use.


What is the highest amount of points I can save?

Answer: 3000 points. Are you a points-hoarder?


If my friend is in the negatives, can I send them points to get them out?

Answer: No you may not. A student may only receive sent points after they are in the positives. Any points sent to a friend while in the negatives will be added to their account once they are in the positives.


Can I return something that I purchased from the Eagle store, if I don’t want it or something is wrong with it?

Answer: Yes, but only if it is unused, and it is within the same school day. Returns must be conducted through your teacher.


When can I buy something from the Eagle store?

Answer: Any time, any day, as long as it is in the present. No time-traveling.


What are class jobs and how do I get one?

Answer: A class job is a certain kind of responsibility that you can take on and earn extra points each week. Jobs will be chosen once each quarter. Whoever has the highest amount of points will get to choose first. Some jobs pay more than others. Every job is important. If you do not do your job, your teacher can give it to somebody else in the class who can handle the extra responsibility. You may not trade jobs.


What supplies do I need to have with me every day?

Answer: Get ready, the list is long...GO! Chromebook, headphones, backpack, red pens, blue or black pens, mechanical pencils (or if you are old school then bring old school pencils), white out tape, dry erase markers, notebook paper, a binder, math compass (not the one that says South on it), math protractor, graph paper, scissors, highlighters, homework folders, glue sticks, colored pencils or crayons, screen cleaner, water bottle, and a polar bear.


What can I keep in my box?

Answer: Anything that belongs to you. Your school books, materials and supplies - as long as it fits, it can go there. Your teacher strongly recommends that you keep your box organized and clean, because organization is the key to success. Also, nobody likes finding rotting hamburgers in the back of your box. (Yes, that actually happened.)


What books do I need to take home with me?

Answer: Your books can almost always stay in your box, except when there is a test in that subject. In that case, take the book you need home with you that night. Because most of your homework can be done on your Chromebook, there is no need to take home every book, every night.


What are the Rocky rules?

Answer: (1) Never touch him without permission. (2) Never drop him. (3) Always hold him gently. (4) Do not feed him anything. (5) Watch out for poop attacks. (6) Always wash your hands after holding him.


Should I shower and wear deodorant every single day?

Answer: Unless you want to be publicly humiliated for smelling like a dead mongoose that was just sprayed by a skunk with bad breath, please wear deodorant and shower. Everyone will thank you for it.


What can I do if I want to fix a bad assignment or work on raising my grades?

Answer: Talk to your teacher. He wants so badly to help you, but he will not go after you. You must have the courage and tenacity to go after what you want in life. You can do it. High five.


Am I allowed to have my own technology on in class?

Answer: Nope. Only your chromebook, headphones, mouse, and writing tablet.


Can I go to any website on my Chromebook?

Answer: No, only the websites that are listed on this site along with what is posted in Google Classroom.


What if I forget my Chromebook at home?

Answer: You will have to rent one from the office. It will cost $10 per day.


What happens if my Chromebook runs out of battery power during the day?

Answer: You will have to charge it in the office and it will cost $3 per charge. Why didn’t you charge it overnight?


What are the rules about Google Hangouts?

Answer: (1) You can use Google Hangouts to message your classmates, teacher, and parents. (2) You can use Google Hangouts at home only. (3) You can easily lose the privilege by using it inappropriately.


How old is my teacher?

Answer: As old as his tongue, and a little bit older than his teeth.


What is the best way to contact my teacher?

Answer: Email or Google Hangouts. Never text. Never call. His favorite students respect his personal phone and his personal time.


How do I spell my teacher’s name?

Answer: Mr. MOSELEY (there’s TWO E’s, most people forget that).


What is that gadget with all the buttons behind his podium?

Answer: The launchpad for all United States nuclear weapons.


When can I email my teacher?

Answer: Any day, any time.


When will my teacher respond?

Answer: As soon as he can. It could be immediately, or it could be the following day. You are a priority to him. But as you can probably imagine, he does have a life outside of the classroom. When he isn’t teaching in class, he’s taming wild elephants and trying to solve the dimensionless physical constant problem in quantum physics, or sleeping.


What happens if I turn in an assignment, quiz, or test that doesn’t have my name on it?

Answer: You will very quickly regret it. You will have two options at that point, lose 100 points, or have the assignment thrown away.


When are we going to have a field trip?

Answer: Soon!


Can I sell things in class or at recess?

Answer: No.


What do I do if I have a problem or issue with somebody or something?

Answer: Fill out this form.


When can I go to the bathroom?

Answer: You can go before school, after school, or during one of our three classroom restroom breaks during the day. There is a break from 9:20-9:30, 11:20-11:30, and 1:00-1:10. You may not use the restroom during recess time unless it is an emergency. If you need to use the restroom outside of our usual restroom times, you will need to pay 100 points to go. Make sure you go whenever you are given an opportunity!


Are there bathroom passes this year?

Answer: No. The school policy has changed. It is not my decision as the classroom teacher, but an administrative decision that affects the entire school. Don't worry, I miss it too.


Can I hold Rocky?

Answer: You may not, unless your teacher has given you permission to do so.


Is Rocky tough enough to be tossed around?

Answer: Although he does have a hard outer shell, he has very fragile legs and skin. You can hurt him if you do not properly handle him. Treat him like you will treat a baby human.


What does Rocky eat?

Answer: Timothy hay. And sometimes fruits and veggies. His favorite treat is rose petal.


Why is Rocky’s poop so big?

Answer: Because that is his superpower.


Can I play any of the teacher’s instruments that are in the classroom?

Answer: Every instrument in the classroom is meant to be played, but not without permission. Some instruments that require putting your mouth on are off limits, because you do not want to know how much spit is in there. Just ask to play one of them at an appropriate time, and your teacher would love to hear you play. If any student plays any instrument and damages any instrument, it will be the responsibility of the student to fix or replace the damaged instrument.


What happens if I leave my stuff in the classroom after school is over?

Answer: It goes into lost and found, and the consequence of that is that you will have to spend an entire recess picking up trash.


When do I get a buddy?

Answer: The only one who knows the day and the time is Mrs. Annette.  In the mean time, you can be a big buddy every day, at every recess, with all students.


How often are grades updated?

Answer: Grades are updated every week. Depending on the assignment, it could appear automatically, or at the longest, one week after the assignment was given. (Your teacher works very hard to make sure that assignments are graded and put into Alma as soon as he can do it)


Do you have a favorite student?

Answer: Yes. My favorite student is the one who obeys and listens the most.


Will I begin every single day of the year by pledging my life to America, the Christian flag, and the Bible? Will we pray every single morning to start the day on a good note?

Answer: Absolutely yes to both questions.


Can I share my food with my friends or siblings?

Answer: No. Please eat your own food. If you don't want it, take it back home.


Why does Mr. Moseley wear suit almost everyday?

Answer: Dressing well is a sign of respect for himself and for others.


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